How Does Hypnotherapy works?


The process of how we learn, is by identification, association and response. We learn about the world regarding to our experience. Different people can react very differently based on what we have learnt from our positive, neutral and negative experience.

For example, some people love dogs. When they see a dog, they probably want to pat it. However, if someone has been bitten by a dog, when a dog is approaching, he would very likely to feel scared because his mind immediately associates it with his scary experience. At that critical moment, his mind will automatically kicks in the build-in flight or fight response.


Changing a Bad Habit From the Subconscious

Most smokers started smoking when they were teenager when they want to feel freedom, sense of belonging with the peer, they wanted to be accepted. They enjoyed smoking and the mind learns to have these associations. Then, when they grow up, they want to quit but find it so hard, because smoking has already become a conditioned response.

For example, they associate smoking with drinking, meal and stress. They want a cigarette so badly when they are stressed out or when they are having a drink. They think that they are able to stop smoking(at conscious level), but the subconscious mind is so familiar with the association between stress and smoking that it always wins over the conscious mind, while don’t forget, subconscious mind is consists of about 90% of our mind while conscious mind is only consists of 10%). That’s means our subconscious mind has got the most power to change a habit.

The fact is, most of the time, the response system of our subconscious mind is running auto-pilot which may leads to the behaviors that we no longer want.


Breaking The Association

So, what to do when the association is built so strong in the subconscious mind? How to break that association?

If we want to live the life that we want, all we have to do is re-programing our mind. This is my job to change some of your association that don’t serve your life anymore. Hypnotherapy is often very successful in habit modification. Through hypnotherapy, we are accessing our subconscious mind where we are in a very relaxed and focused and highly suggestible state.

During hypnosis, long forgotten incidents which are still affecting a person without them knowing why, can be brought back into consciousness, this helps people understands what are the root cause of their existing problems, e.g. smoking or any kinds of addiction, fear & phobia.

Hypnotherapy is so effective to solve any issues, give Sandy a call (0475 15 9415) today for a change!


Written by:

Sandy Wong