Hypnotherapy For Children & Teens

Is your child’s struggling with anxiety issues, fear or phobia, behavior problems, learning difficulties, or low self esteem? Hypnotherapy sessions at “Make It Happen Hypnotherapy” provide you with effective solutions to your child’s problems.

Efficacy of Hypnotherapy for Children & Teens

There can be a whole host of stressful events in a child’s life such as relations with siblings, bullying or traumatic events that can contribute to chronic stress, generalized anxiety, unhealthy habits or low self esteem. Children, just like adults, show their reaction to stress, change, violence, low self-esteem, grief and loss in many different ways.

Hypnotherapy when combined with psychotherapy is an excellent evidence-based solution to your children’s issue.


Common Reasons for Children & Teens to seek help with hypnotherapy:
  • Anxiety, Fears and Phobias
  • Worries & Stress
  • Emotional issues
  • Body image
  • Low self esteem
  • Eating issues
  • Weight issues
  • Bullying
  • Stuttering
  • Nail biting
  • Nightmares
  • Loss of a loved one
  • Good memory recall
  • Study focus
  • Self Confidence
  • Confidence in exam, audition
  • Sports performance


How Hypnotherapy Works for Children & Teens?

Children and adolescents will learn powerful relaxation techniques and other mind-body skills to apply throughout life and gain much confidence and self-belief.


Employing New Response Set

Hypnotherapy can be used for children and teenagers who don’t have the coping mechanisms, or who are overwhelmed with feelings and emotions that they simply don’t understand.

Hypnotherapy helps them to disengage from the negative associations (any thoughts or feelings) and eliminate any negative beliefs. This is achieved by finding the root causes and changing their subconscious thought patterns. The newly formed healthy associations are rewired through repetition, and they can then override the old neuropathway which caused the problem at the subconscious level.


Using Powerful Imagination

Hypnotherapy with children and teens is an opportunity to invest in your children’s vast creative ability to help themselves, they learn to believe that they have the necessary resources and abilities to resolve their problem.

We use hypnosis to engage your child in the process of therapeutic change is to take the child’s theme and transform it into a therapeutic metaphor. It is only through play that the young child can be engaged in a hypnotic experience to shift distress, dysfunction or change behavior.

The child will be guided to use his own powerful imagination such as stories, visualization to transform the unwanted feelings of distress into something he could process and then release, thus shifting from a place of powerlessness to one of mastery.

Unlike conventional talk therapies, hypnotherapy works so well with children because children are highly open to suggestions, which makes them highly susceptible to an effective change.


What To Expect From Hypnotherapy Sessions?

Usually 4 sessions are needed to tackle one issue, to help your child change their way of thinking. Each session takes around 40 mins.


What to Expect for the 1st Session:
First 20 Minutes:

Sandy will have an informal chat with your children to make him/her feel comfortable working with her. She will get your child to talk with her about everything, e.g. his interests, his favorite cartoons, sports, schools, anything that interests him.

It is important that the child would like to change the issue or negative behaviour themselves, so Sandy will help your child understand the benefits of hypnosis, build rapport with your child, so that he/she will get ready to work together.


The Next 20 Minutes:

Sandy will start hypnotherapy with your child. Parents are advised to wait outside during the hypnotherapy session to avoid distractions. After the session, Sandy will get your child to share with you what they have done.

Change can happen in just one session, but more improvements will be made with few sessions to reinforce the change.


Why Choose Sandy As Your Children’s Therapist?

Sandy has been working with children for years and is an expert in dealing with child issues including low confidence and self-esteem, poor learning performance, anxiety, anger, habit problems, sleep disturbances, fears/phobias and more.
Sandy had a lot of successful cases with children, all parents are happy with the results in just few sessions. She makes sure hypnotherapy is not only safe but amazingly rewarding equally for both children and parents.

Children will learn some useful techniques to manage their anxiety. Children often respond extremely well to hypnotherapy as it requires them to engage with their imagination and creativity, they learn to let go of their worries and feel calm.

They have an open mind and are more responsive towards suggestions in a trance state. The flexible mind of the child can easily be induced for a successful hypnotherapy session.


The biggest influence on your child is yourself as a parent and how you respond to life and interact with the world. For instance, a parent’s anxiety about a particular behaviour can often make change more difficult for the child. I recommend parents have few Hypno-Psychotherapy sessions for yourselves to restore balance to your stress levels and develop the right mindset to bring the best out of yourselves to support your children.

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