Why Is It So Hard To Quit Smoking?


Conscious mind: “I know it’s a smelly, unhealthy, damaging my body. And I have been spending too much money on buying cigarette, I really want to quit now!…But I just can’t!”

Subconscious mind: “Oh no, you don’t, your anxiety and stress are overwhelming, you have all these feelings that needed to be covered up! I know that you need it, you love it just as the first time you light up the cigarette!”


You taught your brain got used to smoking

Patches, pills or prescriptions…you’ve tried everything and yet, you’re still smoking. The thing is, if the root-cause of the habit is still unaddressed, it won’t help. There are certain negative feelings/emotions causing an urge for the smokers to reach for a cigarette. And to quit, we have to deal with those distress feelings/emotions associated from the very first time a person smoked.

The very first time you smoked, you were teaching the brain to deal with anxiety, stress, anger, and difficulty in concentrating with smoking. And the subconscious mind learnt it after a few times you smoke.

So, it is not only the nicotine that increases the levels of the neurotransmitter dopamine in brain tissue which causes you having intense craving, it is your subconscious mind, which has learnt that and make it an auto-pilot behaviour for you, enslaving you to cigarettes while you didn’t even notice. 


How Hypnotherapy Works?

American studies show that hypnotherapy is much more effective than any other interventions when it comes to quitting smoking, and we see great results.

During hypnotherapy, we address all the related issues, including coping with stress, anger management, etc, and we embed the calming strategies at subconscious level where new behaviors and habits form, therefore allowing you to dissolve all negative emotions and setting yourself free on all levels.

And some of the times, we deal with self esteem and confidence issue too when it is a very important underlying cause. When people have built their confident, they feel a great sense of accomplishment to be able to quit smoking.


Identifying the Root-Cause Issues

Smoking is never a simple behavior and there are different strategies for different smokers to quit. We need to look at why, how, when you smoke, and when you don’t smoke as much, and also what happens when you’re not allowed to smoke, e.g. on a plane or meeting. We want to find out if it’s just a habit or the way you cope with stress and anxiety.

Everybody smokes for a different reason and in order to have long term outcome, we have to explore why you smoke specifically. We will have you to think more what a cigarette gives you that you cannot do for yourself.

With identifying the root-cause issues, releasing the distress emotions associated with smoking, we re-learn, rehearse to get ready for a non-smoker lifestyle at subconscious level, and you will be surprised how easy it is to quit smoking permanently!


Wanna be proud of yourself and tell everyone you have quit the bad habit? Give hypnotherapy-psychotherapy a shot today!

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